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Born in New York, raised in California, and currently an inhabitant of the DC metropolitan area—Yelda leads a double life: a foreign affairs policy officer by day and an interior decorator and blogger by night.  Her love affair with all things interior décor has been longstanding, but it wasn't until earlier this year that she decided to launch Decor Envy.

While her day job involves mind melds and rubbing shoulders with DC’s policy wonks, Decor Envy is a necessary outlet for expressing her creative passions, inspirations and projects.   Her design aesthetic can be best described as eclectic glamour with large doses of black and white, hints of modern edge, and sprinkles of brass. Yes, the latter is necessary.

When she’s not spending countless hours writing for Decor Envy, creating mood boards, or shaping foreign policy, she is cuddling, chasing and giggling with her precious twins and playing wife to le hubby—her favorite job in life.

She appreciates the opportunity to share her love for creativity and design with you and finds nothing more inspiring than taking on your design visions and turning them into a reality.

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